Spotlight on: Christine Feehan

feehanChristine Feehan has had a meteoric rise to  success since publishing the first of her Dark Series novels in 1999. She introduced the Carpathians, a race of vampiric beings who live for millenia, but even with this gift they are almost extinct from reproduction problems. When they actually kill a human they lose their soul and become the vampire monster of legend. For the debut book Dark Prince she won three Paranormal Excellence Awards for Romantic Literature (PEARL). She has since won seven more and her latest in the Dark Series, Dark Slayer was released just a couple of weeks ago.  She has also written books in the Drake Sisters and Ghostwalkers series, both with great success.

A writer her whole life, Christine says that she used to get into trouble at school for writing rather than working. She also has an extensive family with 11 children. How she finds the time to write 40 novels with 11 kids is beyond me.