Haines Memorial Park turns 100!

PH00081The triangular park located opposite the Tea Tree Gully Hotel is celebrating 100 years as a community park.

The Haines Memorial Park was opened by the Govenor,  Sir Day Hart Bosanquet in 1909. It was also decided that it was to be the first public Arbor Day in Tea Tree Gully. Palms were planted by the vice-regal party and English oaks and plane trees were planted by children along Perseverance Road.
William Haines junior, local land owner, left two pieces of land to the community, this one and Memorial Oval. He stipulated that the park had to be for community use and remain unfenced.

We are celebrating this milestone with a birthday bash on the park on Sunday, 27 September from 9:30 to 11:00am. There will be free children’s games, bbq breakfast and much more. Come along early, watch the Bay to Birdwood as it drives past this location and then come celebrate with us.