Go the Crows!!!

Once again Crows supporters on staff are revved up for Saturday nights semi-final clash against Collingwood at the MCG.   There is much anticipation in the lead up to the game.  A win will see the team advance to the preliminary final against Geelong – we hope.   

There are even some dedicated fans who are heading over to Victoria for the clash!  Let’s hope they have a safe journey, and that we are all back in front of the guernsey next Friday!  Excited Crows fans

Come along to the Library wearing your Crows gear to show your support!  

When you are visiting the Library,  glance up at the flagpole in front of the Council building which is flying the Crows flag, purchased by all Council staff when the Crows were last premiers.

4 thoughts on “Go the Crows!!!

  1. Ad -el -aide!
    Ad- el -aide!

    We’re the Pride of South Australia and we’re known as the Adelaide Crows
    Couragous, Stronger, Faster
    And respected by our Foes!

    Admiration of the Nation
    Our determination Shows
    We’re the Pride of South Australia
    We’re the Mighty Adelaide Crows!

    Woo Hoo!

    Just for anyone who has forgotten the lyrics.

  2. Sadly, we have just missed out on a Preliminary Finals berth! The Crows gave a gallant effort in the last quarter but alas it was all too late! We must look forward from here to 2010’s season and hope for Grand Final Glory! With just a little bit of fine tuning I know we can do it!

    Go U Crows (in 2010!)

  3. … I’m assuming you’ll be flying a Port Power flag when they (eventually!) make the finals again???

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