Winter reads

Library staff have continued to do a lot of recreational reading over the months and we’ve collected some short reviews of titles we’ve read this Winter.

water for elephantsPam recently enjoyed Water for Elephantsby Sara Gruen. ‘A novel about an old man’s recollection of his experiences when young and working for a circus. It was very interesting and easy to read – one of those novels when you have to keep turning the next page.’


HugoCabretTricia has read ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ by Brian Selznick. Tricia says, ‘this is an intriguing hybrid between a graphic novel and normal fiction work. It tells the tale of young Hugo Cabret and his magical and hidden world inside a busy Paris train station while unfolding the mystery of his past which is linked to an old toy maker, silent movies and a rocket on the moon.  I really enjoyed it for its beautiful artwork, the fairy tale magic of the story itself and the historical story of cinematography. It is one of those books which a wide age group and diverse reading styles will enjoy.’

itsnotaboutthebikeMarie recommends ‘It’s Not About the Bike’ by Lance Armstrong, detailing the cyclist’s childhood, rise to world cycling success, his public battle and ultimate victory over cancer, the return to racing and the birth of his son. He ultimately won the Tour De France in 1999 and went on to do so another 5 times.

girlin timessquare

Benita read ‘The Girl in Times Square’, by Paullina Simons. Benita says the book ‘is quite emotional, yet remains positive. The touching characters face a situation which makes you wonder what you would do, in their shoes.’

Watch this space for more reviews!