Spotlight on: Stephenie Meyer

stephenieStephenie Meyer was born in 1974 and rocketed to fame in 2005 with the release of her first novel, Twilight. The idea for Twilight apparently came to Stephenie during a dream in 2003 and within three months had transformed her dream into the novel. Stephenie who previously had no writing experience,  signed a three book deal with her publisher having since completed five books in total; four in the Twilight series and her science fiction storyThe Host  (released between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). Stephenie Meyer is the first ever author to have four books in the top four spots of the USA bestseller list, following the release of Breaking Dawn in 2008. She is the highest selling author on the planet for 2008, and this doesn’t look like changing soon, especially with the film release of Twilight and the upcoming sequel New Moon.