Getting up to something crafty!

Library Technical Services staff have recently undertaken a complex project to re-arrange and re-classify our extensive collection of craft books. Previously, the ever-popular collection was somewhat jumbled. Patron (and staff) feedback indicated that it was time for a change.

Sorting through and organising the great variety of crafty pursuits out there made the task all the more difficult. Among the old favourites such as quilting, applique and scrapbooking we were amazed to find books on such esoteric practices as tea-bag folding, scarecrow-making and candle-wicking.

And yet, such re-classification projects are part and parcel of modern library services, in which our challenge is to bring order to complex information to make it convenient, easy and pleasurable for patrons to find what they want! We think the project was a great success.

So, next time you wish to mache some paper, crochet a cardie or ori some gami, our inspirational Craft Collection will be waiting for you!