Spotlight on: Stephen King

Stephen KingDid you know that although Stephen King is renowned for his horror stories, only around 50% of his books are actually horror? Classic horrors such as Carrie, ‘Salem’s lot, and The Shining come first to mind when one thinks of Stephen King, but did you know he also wrote the books that became the films; The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and Stand by Me?

Stephen King was born in Portland Maine, and although moved around the US a fair bit in his early career, returned to Maine in 1975 where he and his family still live today. His home state sets the location in a large proportion of his stories, many of the towns and folk in his books are based on those he has known in his life. His post-apocalyptic-fantasy-western- sci-fi series The Dark Tower (a nightmare to decide which genre it should be shelved under…) even stars the author himself as one of the characters.

Stephen King has written over seventy novels, short stories, and novellas, and nine non-fiction titles.

Salman Rushdie once claimed that Adelaide would be the perfect setting for a Stephen King story…