Interested in more Austen?

Attending the library event last year on the Regency period inspired me to re-read the works of Jane Austen. As there are only six major books by Jane Austen this took no time at all. However, since the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in the BBC mini series in 1995, there have been a large number of sequels written about the life of the Bennet sisters.   While we do have a large number of the titles at the library, here are the ones I can recommend:

For those Jane Austen fans in search of a good DVD, try Lost in Austen, which was recently featured on the ABC.

What is your favourite Austen adaptation?

2 thoughts on “Interested in more Austen?

  1. Definitely the 1995 BBC version of P&P. You just can’t go past Colin Firth as Darcy. I also really enjoyed Clueless, a modern interpretation of Emma.

    Would highly recommend Lost in Austen (I liked it so much I bought my own copy!… although, are you supposed to admit that on a library blog??)

  2. I agree Tanya. I have just watched this BBC version again, this time with my daughter who had never seen it. She thoroughly enjoyed it and is now asking for more Austen!
    We have “Lost in Austen” at home ready to watch, so it was good to hear your recommendation.
    Roll on a cold, wet weekend to spend lost in Austen!

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