Returning items…

Returned materialsWhile the school holidays are drawing to a close, and the rain is finally beginning to fall, library items never stop being returned. Even when we’re closed! The return chutes are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we are pleased that they are well used. The picture is an example of what staff see when we come to clear following a day of being closed. You maybe interested to know that over Easter, there were a few dedicated staff who came in especially to ensure the items were ready and available for when the library opened on the Tuesday, after the public holidays. By the end of Tuesday 14 April, the Library had 8,709 items returned – which was a lot to shelve!

3 thoughts on “Returning items…

  1. Shouldn’t it be Monday 12 April? I can fully understand the volume of returning items especially after being closed for public holiays. It becomes busy for us returning items towards the end of year with TAFE students (working in a TAFE library).

  2. Thanks for reading our blog Hayley.

    I appreciate you informing us about the mistake enabling us to fix it!

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