Have a suggestion for something the library should stock?

suggestion-for-purchase‘Suggestion for Purchase’ forms are available from both the Customer Service Desk and the Information Desk in the library, or can be accessed online.

So if there’s a particular book, DVD, CD or any other resource that you think other people in the community would also be interested in, fill out a Suggestion for Purchase form and library staff will consider purchasing your suggestion! You can even add your name and library barcode number and if possible the processing team will try to add the new title as a borrower request for you.

3 thoughts on “Have a suggestion for something the library should stock?

  1. I use the online suggestion for purchase form and it doesn’t have anywhere to add your name and/or barcode so that you can request a hold be placed for you. This should be added to the form so that you are not disadvantaging online users.

  2. Hello Heather! You’re absolutely right, the current online form doesn’t have this field as yet. We have just revised the Reader Suggestion system and the online form will be changed in the future. In the meantime, if you put your name and barcode number in the ‘Item seen or reviewed in’ box, it will have the same outcome.

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