The other Anzacs

The Other ANZACS: Nurses at War 1914-1918 by Peter Rees was a book I was hesitant to pick up. 

The Other Anzacs

The Other Anzacs

Being a fat, non-fiction book I didn’t think I’d finish it.  However, Peter Rees uses many snippets from nurses diaries, so it does not read like a boring history book.  It tells of the horrors the nurses faced, the hard conditions  in which they worked and the men they nursed.  The nurses story highlights their professionalism and bravery in an horrific environment.
Many books have been written about the ANZAC soldiers but in recent years several books have been written about the ‘other ANZACS’. 

Russian ANZACS in Australia history by Elena Govor and German ANZACS and the First World War by John Williams give a different perspective of the First World War.


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  1. Love the way you introduced the book as the “fat, non-fiction book…” but I do know what you mean. It is interesting as I love to learn new things but all the more interesting when you have been, seen, know someone…I was at Anzac Cove for the most amazing experience of watching the sun some up on Anzac Beach on Anzac Day. The stories from this time, and from 1915, flow with themes of humanity, camaraderie, emotion and and mateship.

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