Kawaii characters and Yokai Survival!

Two odd little books came across my desk this week, both from Japanese culture writers Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt.

hello-pleaseHello Please! – Very helpful super kawaii characters from Japan is a quirky little book about the kawaii (which means ‘cute’) little mascots that are prevalent throughout Japanese culture. These characters guide the citizens of Japan through all sorts of daily activites and situations, from helping them identify the correct bus-route, to the correct uses of toilet paper!

Yokai Attack!The other book is Yokai Attack! – The Japanese monster survival guide. A book full of fun facts and trivia on some of Japan’s traditional monsters from myth. Everything you need to know so you can prevail when faced with a mob of maurauding gaint skeleton O-dokuro, or how to avoid the Onibaba – the liver-collecting old woman!

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  1. What type of livers does Onibaba like? Pickled, Pure, Young, Old? Does she need a recipe for pate?

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