Watchmen… Who’s watching?

watchmenThe seminal Graphic Novel released in 1986 is making the break to the big screen this year, and from what has been released thus far looks to actually be one of the few comic interpretations that live up to the original.

Set in an alternate USA that is edging closer t0 nuclear war with the Soviet Union, the regular costumed vigilante superhero is outlawed, only those who are employed by the Government are allowed to continue their business.  During the investigation of a murder, one of the outlawed superheroes uncovers a plot to eliminate other heroes driving tensions within America and against the USSR to breaking point.

Set to be a smash hit for 2009, read the orignal story first at the Library. We have three copies of Watchmen for loan.

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  1. Given the controversy (and free publicity) surrounding the release of the film (a battle between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox as to who owned the film rights), it will be very interesting to see if the film can live up to expectations.

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