End of an era for DC Graphic Novel Hero

Batman is really deadRIP
1939 -2009

 The Dark Knight, who has protected the streets of Gotham City and the world at large finally met his end on January 14th, 2009 at the hands of the Darkseid, God of Evil.

Where The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Ras Al Ghul and many other failed, the power of a god finally succeeded as the caped crusader was felled by Darkseid’s ‘Omega Sanction’ effect.

 Written by Grant Morrison, Batman: RIP forced the Caped Crusader  to question his own beliefs, leaving him mentally and physically shattered before facing Darkseid alone in Issue 6 of Final Crisis.

 Farewell Batman, your legend shall live on forever.

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One thought on “End of an era for DC Graphic Novel Hero

  1. Sooooo unfair! How dare they kill off Batman! He is making a complete resurgence with a new wave of fans watching the Dark Knight. I think I would have prefered some immortal accident with some pure light and romance…hmmmm not too sure how I feel about this?

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