Summer Reads

As you can imagine, library staff do a lot of recreational reading and are always happy to chat about something they have really enjoyed.  We’ve collected some short reviews of titles we’ve read this Summer.

The Last Chinese ChefSuzanne says, ‘I have just read The Last Chinese Chef  by Nicole Mones and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a gentle read with the possibility of a romance developing. The importance of friendships, old and new, and the importance of extended family were key elements. I really enjoyed learning about “real” Chinese food – about the regional differences, the variety, and the different ways it is cooked. I enjoyed this story so much that I kept finding little bits of time to sit and read some more.’

The SlapAlison just finished The Slap by Australian author Christos Tsoilkas which deals with the aftermath of an incident at a backyard barbeque in the suburbs of Melbourne. She enjoyed reading a book with a contemporary Australian setting and one that explored many issues faced by the characters, from ageing and death to emerging sexuality. The book delves into what goes on in the lives of ordinary people with the characters themselves becoming the narrators.

Stephen talks about some Science Fiction with  The Honour Harrington series by David Weber. ‘Take the Napoleonic Wars, add a smattering of the Russian Revolution, both World Wars and transplant them 2000 years into the future!  The protagonist, Honor Harrington, a naval officer for the Star Kingdom of Manticore, she finds herself caught up in a war with the People’s Republic of Haven, a war the likes of which have not been seen in centuries, but which everyone saw coming years earlier. Excellently written and very well thought out, the level of realism is impressive, with a blend of naval action and the politics behind the action.’

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