While the Library is closed…


Over the Christmas public holiday period, the City of Tea Tree Gully Library was closed for two and a half days.  Due to the large number of returned items, it was evident that you are aware that the book return chute is conveniently open 24 – 7!  Even on Christmas Day, there were people returning library items.

On Boxing Day, there were a few elves present checking in the materials that had been returned through the book chute. Due to their efficiency with the task, they even had some time to shelve a few items.  This was greatly appreciated, as it  made the workload easier for staff who worked on the Saturday following Christmas.


2 thoughts on “While the Library is closed…

  1. I can’t believe you get so much through the chutes.!!! You all work really hard. Look after your backs, won’t you.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve noticed those chutes when I was working in a library in VB, VA, and although I understand how handy those things are it is hard for me to look at books just thrown in like that.

    Here in Poland I have necer seen chutes in libraries. I’m glad. I really prefer to go to the library while it’s open than to treat a book like that.

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