Keeping up with books…

On Monday I was at home fighting off a head cold.  While this is not something to be celebrated, by chance I happened to tune in to The Book Show on Radio National.  The show features anything and everything related to the written word.  Instead of falling asleep, I was captivated for thirty minutes as I heard about the new book by Christos Tsiolkas and a piece on the National Poetry Slam final (TTG Library hosted the first South Australian heat!) to be held at the Sydney Opera House this Thursday evening.

If you are working or out and about, you can’t always be at home to listen to a radio program.  However the ABC has come to your rescue as it provides many of its programs available for downloading as a podcast.  With The Book Show, you are able download particular segments or the whole program, providing you with the opportunity to listen when and where you want.  
Why don’t you have a listen today!