A long time ago in a library far far away…

Sean Williams signing a copy of The Force Unleashed
September 22nd saw the City of Tea Tree Gully Library transported to a galaxy far far away as Adelaide author Sean Williams promoted his newest Star Wars title, The Force Unleashed!

The Advertiser Big Book Club author talk was filled to capacity with fans of the Jedi and Sith listening as Sean discussed his experiences, his writing and his lifelong affinity with Star Wars. He spoke about how he was inspired to write science fiction books by his love of Star Wars and how that passion came full circle when he was invited to write for the hugely popular Star Wars expanded universe.

The Force Unleashed is Sean’s fourth foray into the Star Wars universe, following the exploits of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice as he continues his Master’s work eradicating the Jedi from the galaxy. The Force Unleashed is based on the hugely popular video game of the same name, providing further back-story into the events during the ‘dark times’ that occurred between the films; Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

Game designer Kim Forrest and producer Dave Knott from Krome studios were on hand to discuss the video game industry and how much hard work and passion is required to create a successful game. They provided a demo of the game whilst they fielded questions from people of all walks of life regarding the game, the book, and making a career in the gaming industry.
Library Staff and members of the South Australian Fan Force at The Force Unleashed event
The South Australian Fan Force were also in attendance, dazzling the audience with their costumes and providing plenty of photo opportunities for Star Wars fans, young and old!

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  1. It seems there are some flyers for this event floating around, saying the date is Monday 22 October. This is wrong, don’t believe it! Apart from the fact that 22 Oct is a Wednesday, the event has indeed occurred on 22 Sept. Sorry if anyone missed out because some of the advertising was wrong. I blame The Dark Side…

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