Did you know… that today is international Batman day?

Created by Bob Kane, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 way back in 1939, the second major costumed superhero to be introduced by DC Comics after Superman. The Dark Knight is ranked second only to Superman in IGNs top 100 Comic Book Heroes of all time and has been adapted to both the small and big screen, with perhaps the most iconic portrayals being Adam West in the 1960s Batman TV Series, Michael Keaton in 1989s Batman (directed by Tim Burton) and Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Next year (2016) will see Ben Affleck take on the role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In comics, Batman has been written by such legendary figures as Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Grant Morison (who actually killed Bruce Wayne in RIP/Final Crisis) and Scott Snyder.

Almost as memorable as the Caped Crusader himself are his Rogues Gallery of villains which includes the sultry Catwoman and Poison Ivy, the fear inducing Scarecrow, criminal mastermind The Riddler, back-breaking Bane and the immortal Ras Al Ghul. None of these can compare, however, to the Clown Prince of Crime, the psychotic Joker

Why not checkout the library’s collection of Graphic Novels or DVDs and live the excitement that is…BATMAN.

Cyber Safety Survey

Tell us what you are doing to stay safe online.

Digital safetyIf you’re aged 18 or over, visit www.teatreegully.sa.gov.au/cybersafety and take our quick 10-minute survey survey.

Your feedback will help us to become an eSmart accredited library and tailor our cybersafety programs and training to our community’s needs.

If you have any questions please speak to a library staff member or call or email us.
Phone: 8397 7333
Email: library_systems@cttg.sa.gov.au

South Aussie Women of the Arts

ThWomen of the Artsis fabulous new book, Women of the Arts showcases 50 of the state’s female arts personalities, including film directors, costume designers, singers, songwriters, actors, dancers, production coordinators and everything in between.

Produced locally, it was written and photographed by TTG residents Ali and Rocky Feo who have strong ties with SA’s arts world.

They have creatively and beautifully captured 50 of the leading women in the arts field highlighting the personal stories of identities such as singer Rachael Leahcar , Costume, Makeup & Hair Design expert Beverly Freeman, author Dylan Coleman, actor Michaela Cantwell and dozens more.
We have two copies – one for loan, and one for preservation in our Community History collection. You can place a hold here and you can also follow the book’s Facebook page.

Happy Seventh birthday!

Today the Off the Shelf Library blog turns 7.


It was August 28 2008 when we ventured into the world of social media and haven’t looked back.

However a significant date is a time to look back, so let’s have a gander at some of our blog stats over the years.

  • Our most popular day was October 24th 2011 when we had almost 900 page views. Oddly enough we didn’t post anything that day!
  • The most popular post this year has been about our Dyslexia Friendly collection.
  • The most popular post of all time is about the world’s oldest Library and is one of our early posts dating from March 2009.
  • The blog views dropped noticeably in mid 2011 when we started our Facebook account, illustrating the preferred format of our online audience. However the blog is still a well used format for information and is searchable via Google, unlike other forms of social media.
  • Australia tops the list of our audience view, which is no surprise at 64%, second is the USA with about 14% of views, the other 22% is made up of a number of countries, as far away and as varied as  the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, Morocco, Columbia, Mauritius and Nepal!
  • We’ve had over 210,000 post views since we started.Happy Blog Birthday to us!

Leah’s work experience story at the library

Work experience student Leah recently spent a week with us here at Tea Tree Gully Library. Like many other students, she was surprised to find how busy the library was and discover what goes on behind the scenes. Here’s what she had to say about her time:

“After managing to obtain work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library for a whole week, I began my first day filled with anticipation and excitement, ready to experience first-hand what a work environment was like. Throughout the week I was so pleased with not only the variety of things I was able to engage in, but also the lovely people I worked alongside and the sense of responsibility I had while being in a work environment entrusted with important tasks.  The week started with a performance put on for primary school kids by the Splash Theatre Co. at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre (for Book Week).

Book Week 2015 at the Golden Grove Arts Centre

Book Week 2015 at the Golden Grove Arts Centre

Colourful characters from Splash Theatre Co., who performed at Book Week 2015

“Other tasks included working in the Chute Room, being on the front counter doing customer service, shelving books and hold items, going through old newspapers to find some hilarious old advertisements and stories. Also participating in the Fun For Under Fives activities open to the public, including Story Time where I read a book to some entertaining young children and sung songs and rhymes with toddlers and babies.
“Overall, my week’s work experience was busy and definitely introduced me to how hectic a job can be, but also incredibly fun and engaging. Not once did I find myself wishing I was doing something else and I actually looked forward to the next day and the tasks it brought. My favourite experience would have to be the Pick List (searching for a list of requested books/other items on shelves and then scanning them and printing dockets for customers to pick them up) as I was able to see every genre of book and move through the entire library, seeing just how much it had to offer. My work experience was incredible and I had a wonderful time!”

Leah Schamschurin

If you or someone you know is interested in doing a work experience placement at Tea Tree Gully Library, please complete the online form

Children’s Book Council – Book of the Year Awards

Book Week is upon us and with that means the announcement of this years Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year awards.

The shortlist was announced in April, and the overall winners in each category were revealed at a special event last Friday.

twoblanketsMy Two Blankets, by Irena Kobald and illustrated by Freya Blackwood took out the Best Picture Book. A story about  new ways of speaking, new ways of living, and new ways of being. Cartwheel has recently arrived somewhere new and finds security and safety in her old blanket. She discovers new friendships and sense of belonging as she weaves a new blanket. 


Go to Sleep Jessie, written by Libbie Gleeson and again illustrated by Freya Blackwood was the winner in the Early Childhood area. demonstrating the love and also frustration of sharing a room with a younger sibling who will not sleep. This is a story that many families have experienced.

In the Young Readers category; The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and the Present was the winner, written by the same team as Go to Sleep Jessie. The Goodreads website say it’s delightful, warm and irresistible, these stories show how a little girl with a big imagination can always find a way to have fun.


For the teens, The Protected, by Claire Zorn won the Older Readers category. Following an accident that left Hannah an only child, this book delves into the horror, guilt and depression that followed and Hannah’s story of rebuilding herself. Raw and deep one not to be missed.

All of these titles are available from the Library, and you can see the full list of winners and honourable mentions here.

This week’s Guilty Pleasure film – Cinderella (G)

In June and July we polled our Facebook audience what their guilty pleasure movie choices were, and now we are screening them throughout August!

CinderellaThis week we are showing Cinderella (G –  2015)

Young Ella’s s fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger – a reimagining of the timeless classic.

August 26, 6.30pm – 8.10pm (approx.)

Popcorn is supplied! Bookings essential. Phone 8397 7333 or book online.